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Site prep is an important part of building your Tiny Home.   

While a portable building can certainly be placed on uneven ground,  it is not recommended for long-term use.   
A nearly-level site provides a solid base,  plus adding finish materials like skirting or a block foundation is much easier.   
Normally your building will be installed on blocks like a mobile home, to give it stability and prevent it from sinking into the ground.   
A good rule of thumb is to have the ground sloping away from the building at least 10 feet all around,  to keep water from puddling underneath.   
With all structures,  water and mold are a big cause of structural failure.  




 When installing a portable building or tiny home,  it's a good idea to have your site level as possible.  

 A level site makes the job much easier,  prevents the building from racking out of plumb or settling out of level. 
Compacted gravel or dirt provides a good base if you cannot use concrete.   It only takes a little slope to create a big gap, 
so don't forget your stakes and stringline when you begin the project!   Improperly installed buildings run the risk of collapse.

This isn’t exactly a hill, but it’s pushing the limits of a block shed foundation. In a case like this, measure the slope before you begin to make sure you don’t end up with a floating (and then collapsing) shed.




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