Lakeview Metal Carports, Garages and Sheds
Carports 12 to 30 feet Wide
Carports with Storage
Free Standing Lean-to's
Enclosed Garages
Barn Buildings
Commercial Truss
Specialty Buildings


Carports 12 to 30 feet Wide Carports are available in Regular,  Boxed Eave,  and Vertical  roof styles.
Regular and Boxed Eave have metal sheets running horizontally (front to back).
Vertical has the metal running up and down from peak to eave.
Vertical is recommended on buildings over 31 feet long,  to avoid seams.
Carports with Storage Carports can have a storage section built on,  enclosed in 5 foot increments.
You can have a roll up door,  walk door,  and windows.
Free Standing Lean-to's  Add a lean-to anywhere you need coverage,  driveway, patio, or deck without damaging your house.
Available in Regular,  Boxed Eave and Vertical roof styles,  12 or 15 feet wide.
Always measure the building you are placing it next to,  to arrive at the proper height for the lean-to.
Lean-to's are also available as a Loafing Shed for livestock,  with the addition of enclosed sides.
When placed on a patio or deck,  the legs can be adjusted to avoid blocking windows and doors.
Enclosed Garages  Available in Regular,  Boxed Eave and Vertical roof styles.
Standard with horizontal siding,   2-tone available at no extra charge.
Roll up doors in sizes up to 10'x10'.
36"x80" walk door,   24"x36" white windows available.  
All-Vertical siding available at additional cost.
Side-Entry garages available.
Barn Buildings These buildings are ideal for RV's or Agricultural use.   
Tall center stall can go up to 16 feet tall,  outside stalls up to 12 feet.
It can be partially or fully enclosed.  
Also available in Continuous Roof Style.
Commercial Truss  These All-Vertical metal buildings from Legacy are available 32 to 60 feet wide, clear span.  
Specialty Buildings  Carports can be used for a variety of non-standard uses.   Dock Covers,  Pavilions,  Concession Stands.
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